10 dental trends in the new 2021

MODERM MARKETING, as an agency specializing in medical and pharmaceutical marketing, is considered responsible to be constantly up to date with the latest trends in dentistry and what they would potentially mean for clients. 2020 is almost at the very end and with the new year (and the new decade) already in sight, it is time to review together only 10 of the modern trends in dentistry, more precisely those that could be applied in our country.

0. The COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on dentistry

Before we move on to the trends, let’s talk a little about the issue that most affected all health professionals in the past 2020: the COVID-19 pandemic. Although a relatively small number of dentists were ill, the financial blow was significant and will probably continue in 2021.

According to MODERM data, citizens in 2020 spent 38% less on dental services compared to 2019 and expect a decline of an additional 20% in 2021. Although a vaccine was announced, this process in our country will probably be delayed until mid-2021

1. Creating and maintaining trust

Trust in healthcare professionals often depends on politics and politicians. Dentists must establish trust in patients and maintain it over time. Without confidence, dentists cannot attract new patients, and given the above fact of the expected decline in demand for dental services in the first half of 2021, attracting new patients is actually the real challenge for dentists in 2021.

2. Raising the level of health culture

The picture shows the most common reasons why patients avoid visiting a dentist. One of the reasons could also be the safety of COVID-19.

Part of the strategy for attracting new potential patients should necessarily be ways to demonstrate expertise and instill confidence through videos, blogs and other educational content that will inform patients what to expect if they choose STOMADENT. An innovative and sustainable marketing campaign with professional content can help re-engage patients who have not been in control for a long time and attract new ones. The best combination is a website with dynamic content (blog) and social media marketing.

3. Availability and convenience

In dentistry, for example, this could mean a portal that allows you to make online appointments, ask questions, or review services – see the link below.

4. Use of 3D printing in dentistry

This is a growing trend in all industries, not just dentistry. 3D printing uses innovative materials, such as resins, and shortens the time required to make dentures, crowns, etc. With 3D printing, these aids can be made in time measured in minutes instead of days or weeks. 3D printing can be used in all aspects of general dentistry, implantology, prosthetics and even to make special aids for patients who have a problem with snoring or sleep apnea.

The resin is suitable for dental practice because:

  • It has a great finish with the possibility of the smallest details
  • It has the potential for both short-term and long-term dental solutions

5. Presence on social networks

Use Facebook the right way:

The biggest challenge for dental clinics is that if they want the posts to be seen, they have to sponsor them. But with the right analytics and targeting, as well as choosing the right content and the right way to sponsor, you can minimize your Facebook marketing budget and still achieve noticeable results.

Using stories

More and more dental practices are using Facebook and Instagram Stories to connect with their target audience. Use stories for announcements, promotions or short information that should not stay on the profile or page forever.

6. Patient focus

Try some of the following ideas:

  • Set up a TV or video monitor in the waiting room, where entertaining or educational content for patients of all ages will be broadcast
  • Make a corner for children
  • Introduce massage or cosmetic treatment as an additional, free of charge service

7. Emotional dentistry

Most dental practices, like STOMADENT, focus on the marketing of smiles, for a reason. We are emotionally attached to smiles. When we do not want to show what our teeth look like, we do not express ourselves well enough and smile less often. There are new software that can show patients what their smile will look like after their teeth undergo repair.

8. Laser technology

One of the most exciting trends in dentistry is the rise of laser technology. Prior to laser dentistry, routine procedures such as cavity treatment or repair of damaged gums required invasive and often painful treatments.

Laser dentistry can eliminate cavities with little or no pain. It can also kill bacteria in the cavities, thus eliminating potential complications and tooth loss.

Advantages of laser technology

  • reduced need for sutures
  • less bleeding
  • without or with very little pain
  • lower risk of infections
  • faster healing

9. Influencers

Influencers are a trend in cosmetic dentistry that offers a new way to connect with patients on social media.

Here are some figures and data on the potential help that influencers can provide:

  • 49% of consumers expect product and service recommendations from influencers
  • Influencer marketing has a fantastic return on investment (ROI), with an average campaign earning more than 6 times the investment
  • Influencers are more popular than print ads
  • 57% of all beauty and health brands use influencers

It is crucial to choose the right influencer to reach the target audience. In general, it should be someone who has knowledge of dentistry, who has a high number of followers and enjoys great trust among them.

10. Grouping and consolidation of practices

A new, freshly graduated dentist with a state license needs too much money to open a new office. Add to that the cost of rent, equipment maintenance and staff salaries – the annual sums become astronomical.

This is where grouping and consolidation in dentistry comes into play.

Connecting to other clinics, other dentists, GPs, specialists, laboratories and pharmacies can attract new patients and provide a complete service with state-of-the-art equipment.


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